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Before you do anythingtake a before pic. When choosing the best blue for you and your home, you need to figure out which TYPE of blue suits the hard and soft finishes in your home. In the paint world, we are working in a range of about 3 93 because no paint color is purely black or completely white. It is a very true blue "navy blue" and has less gray than Hale Navy and is significantly darker. Browse Collection of Plants & Seeds. This is a learn-to-decorate blog, not a look-what-Kylie-can-do blog. Its timeless, not trendy, though it feels up-to-date. Its kind of like a papaya color. For example. It isnt really warmer or cooler, just more saturated and a touch darker. My question is about the rollers. Seriously, its a lot to think about. Edgecomb Gray is more beige than gray, but a nice sandy neutral with Hale Navy. Blue Note is super similar to Hale Navy! 1624. Im allowing myself more time to focus on the essentials, taking more time to rest and creating things I love. I think thats due to the extra smokiness it has. Sherwin Williams Anchors Aweigh is a much more saturated and deeper navy. Here are two more top choices: Dark Night looks a lot more blue than Hale Navy, but technically its just less gray. First, Hale Navy is not bright and not purple looking. To learn how to add fabric drawer liners that are paper-like, scented and stain-resistant, click here: The Easy Way to Make Drawer Liners from Fabric, Also, I figured out how to paint with detailed stencils without paint bleed. Take the first step towards your dream home. But it doesnt read as black, as some other dark blues may, depending on their environment. (Dont worry, plenty more of this gorgeous house in just a minute!). Until then, you can see it on Pinterest. Read on for a deep dive into Hale Navys technical specs, applications for its use, pros and cons, and alternative navy blue exterior paint colors. Ive got your back when it comes to the best clear coat for furniture. I so appreciate that and let me know if you ever have any questions! It is a lot more similar to Valspars Nocturnal Green, which you can see in my Dark Green Paint Colors post. In the next two photos, we used Cyberspace on the built-ins beside the fireplace and the kitchen island, FULL Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Cyberspace, YOUTUBE Video Review of Sherwin Williams Cyberspace (COMING SOON). Can you tell greiges are still popular? Pinterest. If you are concerned about it being overpowering, you can just do hale navy on your lower cabinets. (Plus you can order all the colors you want!)Canadian? TIP: Hale Navy Sherwin Williams Equivalent My favorite Sherwin Williams paint is Sherwin Williams ProClassic Waterbased Latex for furniture (read why here), I decided to use the hale navy equivalent. Fruits & Vegetables. It used to be the top choice for trim and doors, but now its just in the mix. Champion Cobalt is a true saturated blue. Anyways. This first house belongs to Rachel of @greatlakesgoldengirl. I love to hear your thoughts and questions! Which is better for a cabinet project like Im doing? Its a nice sandy color if you are going for a beachy or coastal look with Hale Navy. HALE NAVY VS. GENTLEMAN'S GRAY In the times when we feel all alone, He is sitting right by us, holding our heart and beckoning us to give our burdens to Him. This shade is a timeless classic shade of navy and offers a deeply saturated color reminiscent of the sea (or, in this case, lake)! When sampling Indigo Batik, you might be SURPRISED at how much lighter it looks when the light hits and may want to go a bit darker, in which case you could go back to Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. Rejuvenation. Deep colors are dramatic and rich creating depth in your room, filling it with creativity, energy, and confidence. It is also more gray. )This tool will save your back and limit time on a ladder. I love that it is a sophisticated navy that has gray undertones making it inviting but not an in-your-face blue. And whether its on an island, bathroom vanity, or front door, its a classic addition to almost any home. Westcott Navy, used on the trim in the home above paired with Steel Wool on the stucco, is a couple of shades lighter than Hale Navy. Cheating Heart is more like a dark charcoal with a hint of blue than an actual navy. These two are nearly identical! Benjamin Moores Old Navy or Gentlemans Gray are beautiful color options but Hale Navys gray undertones make it a better neutral navy and look great with white marble. (You can see how I do this in the video above.). 19K views 3 years ago I looove Hale Navy. I highly recommend this roller(see the current price here) because it gives you an incredibly smooth finish every time! I wanted to toss in Light French Gray even though it didnt make the most popular combos list, because its closer to a true gray. Hale Navy could be an interesting choice for exterior siding if you want a strong, striking look with white trim, but it has to suit the other features of your home and it could overwhelm many stone and brick surfaces. This is Sherwin Williams Cyberspace: Marissa from @in_vest_homes actually used it on a few ceilings. There really werent many popular colors to compare, and I found just one pretty close match: Royal Navy. Join me as I give you my best DIY tips and home decor hacks while sharing some faith-filled encouragement along the way. Required fields are marked *. Check out next weeks post to see the FULL tutorial on how to stencil on wood without bleed-through. I think it's okay to go darker and bolder in small spaces like powder rooms. Stratton Blue is not all that blue, but it is a beautiful blue-green reminiscent of clear waters. Racoon Fur does have the tiniest bit more yellow in it than Hale Navy, but it is mostly more charcoal. It has stronger green undertones than Hale Navy and doesnt have any of the purple undertones of Naval. Hale Navy is a cool, deep navy blue. When a color is as popular as Hale Navy is, we have the luxury of knowing what colors are most often paired with it. 22032019 All Hail Hale Navy. It is a saturated deep navy, but this time with a lot more green. When you are trying to decide between a dozen navy paint samples, a solid quantitative value is helpful! Its VERY comparable to Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue. While the first coat is drying, I like to take this time to spray paint my hardware outside in the garage. With an LRV of 6.81, Hale Navy could be your perfect alternative for the home. I think that it works well for creating the moody office with brass . After you remove your hardware, be sure to put it in a baggie for safekeeping. Mary H. Hey Mary, You can use either one. I am building a house that has jogging path for siding and Country Ledgestone Bucks County Stone. The first one is named Hale Navy and also has a code HC-154 assigned to it. Sign Up Here to Grab my 31 Best DIY Hacks to transform your home on a budget! In the Navy is another navy blue by Sherwin Williams that is just bolder and brighter than Hale Navy. If you like Sherwin Williams Cyberspace, Westcott Navy is really a subtle, slightly bluer tweak of it. It has a crisp deep blue texture with the utmost sign of luxury and sophistication. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (7 Tips You Should Know Before Painting), White Paint Colors That Coordinate with Hale Navy, The Light Reflectance Value of Hale Navy (Benjamin Moore HC-154), Color Comparisons For Hale Navy (Benjamin Moore HC-154), Benjamin Moore Hale Navy vs. Sherwin Williams Naval, Benjamin Moore Hale Navy vs. Benjamin Moore Old Navy. It reads much more gray and also has some green undertones. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Bathroom with Buffalo Check, 2019 QEII Lottery Dream Homes Hale Navy Cabinetry, set of brushes HERE that Ive also had good luck with. We love it with trim colors ranging from bright and clean White Dove or Alabaster to the more decidedly off-white Seapearl to the greige Revere Pewter. Can I use those two blues together since you really wont see them right next to each other? Here is an example in a lighter brown color: This is a kind of in-between gray brown color: Because we already know that Hale Navy looks great with various shades of natural brown trim, and you can see several examples of cedar decks with it, I think its pretty safe to say that any shade of brown would work. Learn how your comment data is processed. Do you recommend a satin finish, semi-gloss or high gloss for it? If you are unsure, get a sample of hale navy, paint a small piece of posterboard. They already have the exact code in their computer system. A colour like this has quite a bit of tint going into the gallon of paint and often, the gallon just gets full! It is also darker, with an LRV of 4. Peel & Stick Sample Photo by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc. Photo by Benjamin Moore Its Benjamin Moore.. drumroll off the shelf. If you are unsure of the best sander for furniture projects, you can find an easy-to-use sander for less than $20, here: Best Sanders for Furniture, 2020. Your email address will not be published. (Learn all about LRV here.) It is a better match if you want more of a royal blue than a true navy. If that is what youre after, go for it! It's a classic color with an air of traditional sophistication. What Trim Colors Go With Benjamin Moore Hale Navy? If youre looking for a blue with a little more PUNCH to it, Downpour Blue could do the trick! Your email address will not be published. We really like a rich and brilliant Navy Blue paint color. It seems like lately, everyone and their moms are painting things Hale Navy and I cannot succumb to paint-color-peer-pressure-and-predictability. Why didn't I select Hale Navy? Your tutorial on painting with Hale Navy has given me confidence to do the same. Westcott Navy is finally an actual navy blue that has more gray than even Hale Navy. Check out the Benjamin Moore Hale Navy painted hood top, also. Again, if you've been with me for a while now, you know how I love Westcott Navy. I thought this color was a deeper gray with some blue like the side angle of the house. Between the two colors, Naval is definitely darker. Hale Navy is a deep, extremely dark navy blue with a slate gray slant to it. Its a sophisticated, timeless classic beloved by our expert exterior home designers and interior designers alike. is juliane koepcke still alive today, tracheostomy prefix and suffix,

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