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resting place). Romolo Cappola Gerard Guaruja, Brazil (19/07/1998). 13. I am only sorry I have no recordings. the only radiostation in all Europe that played nonstop the latest records (45 rpm singles). 452. de naam Radio Luxemburg mij beter in de Verkeerde knop. els pins, muro, spain (12/07/2002). and now i am retired and have time to listen your radio.hi again. Greetings The Royal Ruler - Dallas, Texas, USA (27/01/2006). on KWXY FM hear it on " Sat -Sun 7-12 pm Pacific-Am out of closset -Gay -luv dw. Gerkesklooster - NL (26/07/2008). RegardsPaul Hai 243. Gene I never missed the Sunday night Top 20. Ian Nebbett Beste Dick, een geweldige site!!! Between the recorded programmes the resident discjockey told that In the summer of 1963, RL played a song with a lyric line of "come on be my girl" every night. Thomas Wielski Rose St, Berkeley, CA USA (21/01/1998). It has been a real pleasure to visit your site which is excellent! RUSSELL WOODCOCK Fettercairn, Scotland (14/01/2007). Damir Vadas Zagreb, Croatia (02/06/1998). band waar ook veel van Radio Luxemburg op staat. Pavel Rous (54) Fab site! Sunday December 29, 1991 (now twenty years ago) was a very sad day for all the true Radio Luxembourg To mark beginning and the end of the commercials they had placed small paper I remember writing to him when I was 14. Jan Olav Eikenes Boy those where the days the late 50s and most of 60s when real music whas created it sure makes me feel Good I listened to Radio Luxembourg throughout the 60@ & always listened on a Sunday evening to the Top Twenty. Although could hardly recieve the transmition, I enjoyed listening to your programs. Ik weet niet of mijn bijdrage goed is overgekomen. Oslo, Norway (27/05/2006). Mark Budapest, Hungary (08/11/2011). I grew up listening to Radio Luxembourg when I was a teenager. 565. They go on and on about "send us an e-mail!" I came across this site by accident, as I did with Radio Luxembourg, only I discovered it about three years before, it was closed, so I feel Cheated!, you guys had all the fun! Comments. I listen Radio LUXEMBURG RTL From 1965 to 1985 year This is a BEST Radio On The World . Aarhus, Denmark (18/07/2010), 789. 582. Thank You. I was in an early sixties rock group (the Foursights). Gunars. was Matthias Dittrich Thanks again for a great job collecting all this material, brought back a lot of memories. I remember fondly listening to Radio Luxembourg from the U.S. :) some of those power plays still come into my head from time to time. I was a keen 208 listener 1971-1980. Dear sir,thanks your new Radio Luxembourg. Keep it up! AFN would not play songs like Yummy, Yummy, Yummy because of it's imagined references to teenage pregnancy and they would not play Lucy In Disguise With Diamonds because of imagined drug references. (See also reaction nr. Good luck! 667. Tony Prince was a top DJ on the Europe-wide station, which. It would do better to put it out on a pan-european basis with a massive widespreading omnidirectional beam covering all four corners of Europe from the UK in the northwest to Turkey Greece and Cyprus in the southeast, and from the Canary Islands, Spain and Portugal in the south west right up to bordering Russia in the north east and from Scandinavia right across to the extreme south of italy and the various holiday islands and destinations of the Southern Med. southport uk 02-07-2005. men verhuisd naar de Grensstraat 66. It would be grately appreciated if you can. I would retire to bed at night 10 years old (1969) and listen to a little transistor radio tucked under my Pillow. I think it started 'Maybe the morning . 572. Best wishes, Im a Brit whos lived in Spain since 1968. altijd al radio-gek geweest en stronger and indeed become listenable. Ik ben n.l. Capital 604 7 (13) Make It With You (Bread) Adrian Juste, Bill Pertwee (Dads Army), Liz Frazer, Frank Carson, Danny La Rue, Great to see a site devoted to Luxembourg. And for the first time (after listning so many years) we saw how the programs were made. I am doing a little resarsh on the people that worked there, and made the station to the best. Fantastic and very important for the radio-history your web site about R.L. (sorry for the spelling, I learned to speak Dutch, but Cheltenham, England (18/09/2006). und ich entdeckte vor allen dingen Brought back memories of teenage years in the 70's - blasting out the Sex Pistols to the shock of my parents and listening ever so quietly at midnight when I was supposed to be sleeping. In 1962 I dicovered the English broadcasting of Radio Luxemburg and a great favourite of mine has been always been BARRY ALLDIS with his weekly top 20. Presenters between 2005 and 2008 included Dave Christian, Benny Brown, Sally Carter and Enda Caldwell. For your information, Top Twenty couldnt have started on autumn 1948, most likely is autumn 1949. 249. 825. My very best wishes to you and any of my excolleagues who may happen to come across this entry (that is, of course, if you decide to include it). Fred Parker Warsaw, Poland (03/11/2008). Luxembourg was a lifesaver in the sixties, when the BBC had the monopoly on broadcasting. A am great fan of "208" 1959-64. I miss it.. Great dj and beautiful voices Hi Much sting.This loss of a part to lifes, a part showers It was a great station, even if it faded a bit. There were no other services that ran into the night back then, no 24 hour society so Radio Luxembourg was the place to tune to after dark as it faded in and out. LVNDSCAPE & Bolier - Is This Love, Lady Gaga - Always Remember Us This Way mp3, 2 Unlimited Let The Beat Control Your Body, Daniel Lavoie avec Patrick Fiori Et Garou - Belle, Jean-Michel Jarre & Rone - The Heart Of Noise, Snoop Dogg - 'Sweat' Snoop Dogg vs David Guetta, Dmitry Glushkov feat. 208 in the 60s was one of the greatest stations in the world. Ronny Hall Philip Morgan Ook jij hebt radio-5 ontdekt merkte ik deze morgen, leuke muziek Elvis' Teen and Twenty Disc Club number was 11321. 473. A lot of nostalgic memories. I used to listen to 208 from my home in milan (1970-1975) and reception was reasonable. From the age of 14 to almost 16 years of age, while living in Augsburg, Germany, I did some heavy duty listening to Radio Luxembourg from 1968-1970. 126. hi there.I was wondering if you had the Luxemburg theme in wav or mp3 format?? I am not sure, may be it is not allowed. Jean Cocart Now I am 50 years old. I seem to remember something like 'Mark you well what you do my friend, summer winds are blowing' Probably well off the mark, my brain is not what it used to be, but I can still hear the tune in my head! Tony Prince 12 (-) Wigwam (Bob Dylan) I've made a web-site about Radio Luxembourg 208. RL was always a few weeks ahead with new records on the Dutch charts. 587. find it on the net. 715. Good old Barry Alldis: When did he sadly leave us? Vienna, Austria (20/07/2001). I would be grateful if you could send me any information you have Via het gastenboek van radio 5 heb ik deze site ontdekt. Jeff Holt Regards later met Zaki, Mike Verdrengh, Peter van Dam, Frans van der Drift enz. For me Radio Luxembourg was really the thing that made me lucky. C. Wachyman they always had a taped commentary from aldersley, who then introduced the no. Good luck Great - So many things I had forgotten or thought I would never hear again. 70. Finding your site tonight gave me a wonderful time. Radiostationen Radio Luxembourg begyndte sine udsendelser p langblgebndet i 1933 fra Beidweiler p blgelngden 1.282 meter (svarende til frekvensen 234 kHz).. Nogmaals, hartelijk bedankt voor uw fijn website. When I arrived at Bitburg,Germany (Aug.1969), I bought a radio and search the band for station and found radio Lux. Mike Bondy Norbert Straeter Thanks for including me. than the original recording artists. Please help and drop me a line. At the change over the signal strength used to increase. Cookie files from analytics systems, social networks and other services help us to customise our website to better match your interests. Joe Also the motivation to learn English and trying to understand what those guys were talking about was bigger than to learn any subject at school. Thanks for this wonderful website. Signal was very low and fading in Florence (center Italy) but songs excellents. Ernie Sigley) who worked at Luxembourg in those early days. Very much fun for me. Your website is a great piece of nostalgia, even if you've gone a bit overboard on pictures of Barry Alldis. Pls advise how I do. Has Accustomed to listen all friends, we were lucky. Hi,this is the best I ever .I get tears in my eyes.i ve been a listener of 208 m CRL/RTL R.Luxembourg since 1963.The best stn ever.station of the stars. Rognan 8250, Norway. Can you tell me if I'm right, or tell me how to find out? Reading your website made me want to get back into radio again. 348. 571. listners. Graham Hobbs Joseph Takacs Teen & Twenty Disc Club and The Top Twenty on Sunday night were the highlights for me. Great site, & lots of memories. R L became a part of my life. 251. Hoping that older tapes will be discovered soon. satellite?I think the only chance for 208 is to make a unique style of page? Poole, UK (07/10/2011), 806. great great site thanks for the info can i ask a favour ?? 310. Now I am 65 but the tunes of Radio Luxemburg are still in my ears. I remember around 1989 or 1990 period Then as a teenager, and I still in The Arctic Part of Norway the NME TOP TWENTY LIST was written down and taken to the school next morning. (gesponsord door Purol zalf). Does anybody remember who was singing it? in Britain is dreadful in the 90's, and be accused of being nostalgic for the 70's. Great site! Brian R Archer My favourite programme was one called "world top pops" Cant remember who the deejay was may have been Brian Mathew but he always came out with the phrase ""back to the Uk and our disc of the day". In 1976 in the souhteast of spain i found in the 1440 khz, the must wonderfoul music that i cant never imagine it. Chris Mutton I am now in my 50's and still cherish the memories of the music of the 50's and 60's because there will never be anything like it again! adres/administratie van de Vriendenkring Benn Bangsvig Reception conditions were not always optimal to say the least. George Kolenaty Ray Orchard Australia (02/03/2007). always a quick move here and there to NJ, USA (21/03/1999). I really enjoyed your website. Like the site a lot. Thank you for such a great web site - it is history preserved for many after us, willing to hear, how was it then half century back, so different to anything before which outlasts any expectations - NEW CLASSICS WERE BORN THEN. Paola Malta Europe (20/09/2002). 576. Like many others I listened to RL daily while preparing my home work while in Edward Dembowski HS in Warsaw, Poland (1960-64). I lived in Germany at that time. Germany - Wiesbaden (18/04/2002). THE DAY? " Los Angeles by way of Galway, Ireland, USA (22/01/2010). Cheers! At that age, Radio 2 was never even considered as it had a style and playlist aimed at my grandparents generation. Simon Growcott However I did learn that shouting at the radio did not improve reception. Chicago, Illinois USA (03/12/2002). Hermann Lessing "Pick of the Pops" But one was Jimmy Edwards (handlebar moustache). Can't wait for Radio Luxembourg to get back on the air! 719. 819. 173. Publishers Association. I will never forget this transmissions received with a very old tube call it family radio en the fading A very romantic time radio luxembourg power playlist. Chester le Street Co Durham UK (10/11/2003). Dont know what songs been playing on the radio? I miss it. But: Perhaps the staff really DO spend just an hour or two each week, introducing records without mentioning too many artist names, so that they can mix these introductions with any randomly chosen song from the computer? 154. that your Luxy tribute site is truly great. Farley, Iowa USA (21/07/2001). Remember I always had a fight with my Mum not to beready before 01:00.not before "Teener's TOP'ers tijd was ready on 208. Langford Western Australia (01/02/2004). uitstekende ontvangst gaf in Rotterdam. Nobody knows here what is Radio Luxembourg now May be I only fan of RL in Russia (ili ya oshibayus? Mats Lindholm Happiest memory, maybe the morning by Marion Montgomery, stayed up to hear it. Je had piraten op zee toen, maar It was a dream for me. I believe , I will hear one day 208 Hi, must say first that your site is excellent! ooo But nothing could spoil my love of pop music and fashion. es war der pure wahnsinn, als ich deine homepage im www I have had a lot of fun visiting the website. sonntag die hitparade im deutschen programm von rtl (auf kurzwelle habe ich JOHN MURPHY Top 100 Stations. Bob Glen What a GREAT web sight. 256. cigarette adverts. Great memories from my childhood through my teens and into adulthood, great Radio Luxembourg. A group of us who lived, as Canadian military Air Force dependents in Baden Baden Germany Ik werk bij de TROS en heb in juli en augustus 1988 twee keer kunnen en mogen werken in de 208 studio! The co-star of Elvis Presley also worked in TV on series such as Murder She Wrote and Magnum, P.I. If there should exist any real time machine, here it is! It is now a government office but I wish I could have gone inside to see where the studios were. Leighton, Alabama USA (27/5/1999). Best wishes Do you know any saler? It brings back so many memories of when I was a lad listening to 208 on my little battery powered transistor radio under the bed covers. 773. I used to listen to this station when my dad was assigned to Bitburg, GE from 1967-1970. Regards Jan Gustafsson I loved it deadly! In the late 80's I listened to Caroline but still tuned to I can`t get it out of my head. Groetjes. In those days there were not so many oppurtunities to listen to pop music in our national radio and commercial radio was just in is starting phase. Have a good time Peter. Used to listen to 208 in the 50's while I was supposed to be asleep. Double the memories for me. Warmond, Holland (12/01/2005). I think that I shall be spending more time looking through this. Hi Dick! W.Sijtsma in de Markstraat 80 in Brussel, later is Malm, Sweden (04/11/2011). The Greatest years on Radio Luxembourg was the 1950s ,,the Rock & Roll era". This was the first tast of pop great times. Jacek Drath 135. and Pete Murray. Thanks, This is a long shot, but I wondered if there were any searchable Radio 225. Ken Govier In fact those, who showed any interest to the European or even to the American "products" might get in trouble! What a wonderful trip down memory lane!! And these days the radio legend is back. Cethyn I remember how depressing it was to come home to the States (South Florida) at the end of every summer and have nothing to listen to but the increasingly homogenized dreck on the local stations. Since there is no info on the archives on your site, I am starting to get worried that they may have been destroyed? Top twenty and Berry Alldis Dick Palm It was always a childhood dream of mine to be a DJ on 208, I never made it, but it's was such an inspiration to me. Thank you for bringing back so many great memories for both the DJs and the listeners. Before the start of the offshore stations I'll have to listen to Radio Luxembourg. RLI208 fut la radio par laquelle je decouvrais la popmusic quand j'avais 14 ans(1968), je fus un auditeur assez fidle jusqu'aux dernires heures d'emissions, c'est avec beaucoup d'motions que je parcours ce site. Especially as I was struggling with only basic French at the time. Czech rep. (04/10/2009). You may also know my younger brother Paul who has worked at Broadcasting house since 1972. 631. I started to listen in 1971 to this station. Richard Smith-Moore 164. This is the world's number one Radio Station. From October till April reception was fine on 208 meter. : Robert Thaller - Tiroler Holzhackerbuam (Volksmusik) (Instrumental), Boy Meets Girl - Waiting For A Star To Fall, Nico Gemba - Die Nacht Der Nchte (Fox Mix), LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock, Alex Gaudino feat. Used to listen to LUX in 1957 on in Berwick -long areial needed -Timex watches(ever right!) Shreveport, USA (31/10/2009). Pavel Herzinger Texas, USA (13/8/1999). Because I was young I went to bed at ten; and waked up by the alarm-clock at midnight. Thanx mainly to a good pal of mine at the time, former RTL Jock ' Tony Kaye'. Spent many a night with a small radio tucked inside my parka hood. Koos de Ruijter Besides listening to the latest hits in the fifties, I used to listen to a sci-fi program; Brilliant web side and a lot of new stuff I never heard of. BC, Canada (I grew up in England) (27/05/2001). Now the deejays had to play the records by themself; no engineers anymore. Can anyone remember the programmes done by Ted Heath and His Music in the 1950s? Venice, Italy (08/01/2008). Catharinus Breimer, Emmeloord, the Netherlands (6/03/1999). among other shows. See nr. 209. Ronan Ferragu Will look fully later. Maybe someone out there can help me. I was living is Sweden outside of Stockholm (50 Miles west). Thankyou so much. 703. Thanks!! Rancho Mirage, CA, USA (09/04/2001). Radio Luxembourg was the only station that played the music we wanted to hear, being so far away from home. Mirko Wiolicki Trygve Thue Many great memories firstly as a listener and then secondly I had the great honour of being one of the jocks based in The Grand Duchy for three wonderfully happy years. want ik knutselde als kind , ik ben van 27/02/1947, al radio's in elkaar om 208 te ontvangen. I started listening RL at 17 in college during night in 1958.I had a small transistor Sony with earphone.This improved my English skill quite a lot. I was one of the lucky ones who worked at Luxy during the 70s. 1956-1957. I searched through the site to see if you had a recording of "At The End Of The Day" then played it! Dick, I've just come across your fabulous Luxy website for the first time and have spent the past hour or so recapturing some wonderful memories. At the Rocket Club on the base we had some of the greatest shows ever. Paris, France (28/11/2005). Jelle Boonstra Dave Christian, 279. left school. By Location. A very young Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison and friends. Legendarische zendmasten in Luxemburgse Marnach ontmanteld, Click here for Radio Luxembourg book (Alan Bailey). OH Oh to discover this website. Have been a huge fan of Luxy since a kid growing up in Ireland. 335. 9. Athens,Greece (10/06/2005). Novi Sad, Serbia (07/10/2009). Please e-mail me with any info. Anthony My favourites are: David Jacobs plays the pops,The Alan Freeman show,Midnight with Matthews.Has anybody some recordings?Perhaps on CD? Frome, Somerset, UK (26/11/2009). I wish I had some of those original RTL recordings. 10 very happy years that all came flooding back as I read the many guestbook entries. I think the year was 1963. Brought back memories of bleary eyes after listening to Kid Jensen June 29, 2022; seattle seahawks schedule 2023; psalms in spanish for funeral I was at boarding school from the late 50's to early 60's, and at night had my Perdio transistor radio with earphone to tune in. Just found out that the station was closed. I have so much good memories with the Radio , so when I came visit my mother country after so many years and found out that 208 is down , it was like closing down part of my youthful years. Mats Elfstrm Where? 544. artist was. Tim Blackmore was a director of Mitchell Monkhouse Associates and English transmissions on the famous 208 medium-wave for ever. And here is my little "problem". Lint, Belgie (05/03/2005). Presov, Slovak Republic (12/09/2008). On the night of Monday July, 17 1967, at 23.00 hours, for the first time Leen van Dongen and I arrived at the Luxembourg studio's; invited by Colin Nichol. Mooiste radiostem was van Bob Stewart. It was fantastic to listen to Radio Luxembourg because at that time it was Randall L. Roberts Karsten Jensen Thank you for maintaining this website and I will go through my archives of reel to reel tapes and see if I can find something of use. Peter B Nadhazy I`m living about 1000 km away from Luxembourg and the reception`s quality is sufficient. Praha, Czech Rep. (30/05/2013). 12 (19) Mr.President (Dozy, Beachy, Mich & T) tnx, I am an author and I am hoping to quote some lyrics from the Il be waiting for the "Old 208" to get back again! I am an ex-Brit, now Canadian, living in Canada since 1977 but visiting Florida for the winter. Regards I always hated the Beatles, and as it happens I still do. Burlington CT, USA (26/09/2009). The archive includes schedules, scripts, cuttings, tapes and photographs relating to English-language broadcasting on Radio Luxembourg in the . from late 50's to -65. I use to listen to 208 in the 60s till it closed down in 1991 vry often. Since then I had several nice vacations in Nederland, one day I hope to visit again. As a massive radio fan, I have yet to find a station to take its place. How exciting to find your website. 850. UK (20/02/2001). How well I recall those days of 208, the little red Perdio transistor and the happy memories they gave me from the 60's. I's the national radio over here. I first listened around 1960. 796. This was certainly in the charts on 208. I'm making a programme for the BBC called "The Great 208 - The story of Radio Luxembourg". Gracias. Bon Berg, Colorado USA (02/02/2004). Cameron Warner My best Christmas present in 1964 was a transistor radio, or a trany as I refered to it. radio station in the 80s. Weet jij er meer over te jim briggs 1964 68.ig hallgattam a Radio Luxemburgot minden nap 20-23 rig. See MoreSee Less, David Bowie's handwritten Jean Genie lyrics sold for 57,000, sad news station religiously, with my transistor radio under my pillow, all 611. 799. Hearing 208 "The Station of the Stars" in the Azores 1872 miles away from the transmitter, with Hughie Green and Michael Miles ("Do you open the box or double your money?)" Can you buy any of the tapes if so where. Alaina Chris Bainbridge Bibika - Need to feel lovedmp3, David Guetta & Chris Willis Feat. Please mail me back if there is any chance to get more info. Toronto, Canada (19/01/2000). Amazing!! Would very much like to know where I can get these songs..Anyone? We have a copy of 'At The End of The Day'. 115. 242. Bora Joe Meek's label) What were the theme tunes for the others and what was the 175. Congratulations ! Sheila Maguire Shipley, West Yorkshire, England (11/05/2002). 21 Songs. 299. Thank you Radio Luxembourg. I loved radio Luxembourg's top 20 and wouldn't miss it for the world. John Hogg Faculty's Students' Council FEIT. and graet music. and good luck! Germany (12/01/2006). Paul Cambridge UK (05/09/2003). Bona! I use to listen to 208 from early 1960's t Lionel Hampton's band was coming to the Netherlands, and that the station might be able to arrange tickets. Alice Sillett, school Norwich (20/05/2002). Carlo Hendrickx Brings back memories of the fifties and sixties. See MoreSee Less, The Nostalgia Central website has been a labour of love for me since 1998. 398. As Russell Woodcock said (in note 487), ex-Lux DJ Ernie Sigley is still going strong on Melbourne radio, holding down midday to 4pm weekdays on 1278 3AW. Hoi Dick, Nick Popescu Fantastic radio luxembourg site, brings back memories beyond belief of total enjoyment of our youth. Thank you for keeping Radio Luxembourg alive. Thanks for such an interesting site! Fergie & LMFAO - Gettin' Over You, Dr. Hook - When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman (12'Mix) (Slayd5000). Top Twenty for many years. Tony Savage totally smitten. 558. Keep up the good work on this website. Sir Jimmys body will be taken to the Queens Hotel in his home town of Leeds on Tuesday so well-wishers can say goodbye to him ahead of a Requiem Mass in the city the day after - Wednesday November 9. frequency, at 23:00 o'clock: I fall in love immediatly! 512. I 1939 blev udsendelserne afbrudt af 2. verdenskrig, og under 2. verdenskrig blev stationen benyttet af Grossdeutscher Rundfunk til nazistiske propagandaudsendelser, og efter verdenskrigen nogle r af Voice of America. 75. Great site.Brings back memories of sneakily listening to Luxy on a small transistor radio with an earpiece under the bedclothes in the late 60's/early 70's. Great to see the site. Dit is wel wat ik me zeer vaag herinner uit mijn kindertijd. Great web site full of memories from when i was a teenager in the 60's,I remember listening to Luxy in her hay day after the Pirate station's had closed in '67 Although I was listening on and off from around '63,I loved those DJ's and still have in my possesion signed photo's from Paul Burnett,Tony Prince,Don Wardell,Colin Nicol and many others over the next decade. Listen to all radio stations from Luxembourg via internet radio for free. , Top pops, Pops till midnight, Sam Costa's Corner, Teen and Twenty Disc Club, David Jacobs Show, The Peter Murray Show, Brian Matthew's Pop parade, Simon's Scene. D.J. Talking about a Blast From The Past! Andy Hayward Putting together all those memories on my own Luxemburg program. Frank Allen Isle of wight UK (07/08/2008). All my very best - Miro. Thank you where ever you are for from you. I am crazy about charts of radio luxemburg, I joined right now, I want to collect all the charts especially 1968-1973 i started to listen music in september 1968 and the first song was nights. One question however. Many years I was listning to his Top Twenty show on the Sundaynight. 728. 280. 345. Belarus Sasha. Tuning in at night in a tent on the beach in Italy. I don't mind telling you, I've had the odd tear in my eyes as I've scanned through your site. 765. I never met anybody who won on the football pools thanks to Horace Batchelor but I can still spell K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M ! 66. Copenhagen, Denmark (02/06/2010). Almere, NL (08/07/2012). Milan, Italy (24/08/2005). This is one of the best sites that I have come across, the memories that have come flooding back are irreplaceable thank you. Aircheck of Radio Luxembourg from about late October 1990 Addeddate 2020-01-23 19:24:16 Identifier radioluxembourg_202001 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4 Year 1990 Has Twisted all radio for much years and only has today understood that has occurred much years back. I also used to go to London as often as I could and had a girlfriend who lived in Stepney. Radio Luxembourg was my education in at least five things: English, music, radiotechnology, weather and how to find a girlWell, born in 1954 I was about twelve years when these marvellous people started their sharing with millions of people something unique. 11 (5) Lola (Kinks) But today more than 50 years after I started Listening to Lucky Luxemburg I happened to buy an LP of Steve Conway (not the Caroline guy:) ) in a second hand shop with two tracks with the Hasting Girls choir and orchestra conducted by Peter Green. Best Regards.. 434. Worsley, England (17/05/2010). We zonden dat programma toen live uit op Radio 3. Colin Nichol showed us everything in this studio; even the studio's for the German, French and Luxembourg programmes. Grimsby UK (03/04/200). Alleen kan ik me niet meer herinneren of dat de duits en/of engelstalige programma's waren. Would you like to help me and send information, where I can find a Top List of RL - 1967-1972. Cleveland, Oh, USA (02/10/2009).

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