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Im going to segue for one second we did a show with clay Clark last Friday, we are talking about different things from religious order. This shit ends all of a sudden COVID is gone. The Mackay in the Morning Show - 95.9 The River He worked at the radio station for 45 years, up until his death. If you have not watched that video from Friday, which I believe was the 18th or the 19th. I dont have a right to healthcare, I have a right to pursue it. And theres a certain strategy, so I dont want to get into the details of that just yet. Now, lets get back to the constitutional part about this. link there or on my blog, political pistachio? One of the things that we have got, and you and I always get applause for this, when I talked to groups, is we filed a lawsuit against Kamala Harris for being ineligible for office on December 7. They drop that the governor dropped it. You know whats harsh. You know the places now youve got it down. And we are this irate, tireless minority, we can do it. Contact: 310.421.4053 Website: Email: Stations Revolution Radio Studio B Where Information Never Sleeps UP NEXT: 7pm Matrix Warriors: Jay Charles Parker 9pm Counterspeech 10pm The Decompression Hour 11pm Carrying Stones and Digging Holes: Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff See More Shows And Douglas v Gibbs coming on were going to talk constitutional expert here. 1:35:51 Constitutional Law were gonna point out the bullshit that is being perpetuated on society by these unlawful unconstitutional actions and these enforcement agencies and you know your general basic issue, scumbag governor etc. View Report. So we can educate enough people. These people dont care about the Constitution, they dont care about what you want. As soon as I get my stuff paid for I got my stuff. I know that the Christian church grew most of that was under persecution. 42. when you dont know john adams said, once liberty is lost, Liberty is lost forever. They theyre not principle people. Become A Patron . I refuse that my track was going to be business I would create a business profile, enough wealth or success that I would have a name that could be recognized and I would have proved myself in a capitalist society. And Ill say little about it for right now. But only so long. Wow, youre that vendor. And there she is. And were in all the and we do our shopping and they stopped me while we were shopping. So is it fair that the federal government created States federal government should basically control the States? This is what they do. Scott McKay. Patriot Streetfighter3. Revolution Radio. Tipping Point Let me rearrange that for you a little bit. So the administrator says I tell you what will let you does your doctor but will want the doctor to have extra protection. People say to me, Doug, gosh, I wish the founding fathers would have given us Have a model to use to just go after these jerks. Youre the only person that can guarantee your own safety and protection from this criminal empire. its eventual. But they dont. Gates event 201 script imagines vast anti vaccine riots triggered by internet posts. Here I am on your data. 3.22.21 The Tipping Point on Revolution Radio with Scott McKay - UGETube Scumbags beware! I told you I was going to be bringing down the thunder tonight man and here. And Ive been saying this for over a year. Unfortunately for that Whopper, the videos of the event are still available across the internet. Yes. And she actually had a mask on. I dont know the ownership is but one African getting kicked out all the I went over the winter a woman says Hey, excuse me, sir. That month. That happens every day happens in the world just from the flu. Trevor was the favorite engineer of anyone who called games of athletic events over the radio. These people will just keep lying even though its on the internet. Thank you for your support. I used to come to a time just like the yellow vest protests in Europe, we saw they got shut down by COVID millions of people protesting in these countries around the world. No, thats thats also very unconstitutional, because in the US Constitution and the state constitution when it talks about the delegation of powers to certain branches, the word vested as used in the Constitution of California, more specifically, it says that the legislative authorities have invested in the state legislature, the legislative power of the state is vested. Because the law only allows for adequate isolation in each case, case by case. If I know about this, how come the governing class doesnt know about it? I guess so. favorite people of all time favorite writers of all time. So they no Say that again, say that again. Next time someone tries to tell you were going to arrest you say, Okay, give me the statute number. And the one I was pointing that was the one about the preamble, she began taking me to the library. 1:05:22 Scott McKay on -The Tipping Point- on Revolution.Radio in STUDIO B They make you aware, when you get up and walk around, I go to the bathroom, I walk out with it. Thats a comment here out here on the tipping point. And there are some businesses saying they still require I dont give a shit who requires it. Matthew Harrington, CEO of Edelman public relations, agrees that social media must fall in line to promote government policy. take it for granted. And Ive been argued with us, it will go, you know, the founders, they didnt see such a pandemic coming, they didnt, in 1775, they were hit with smallpox, in 1793, they were hit with the yellow fever, you dont beat these new this type of stuff will be coming, you know what happened in 1775, with smallpox hit, and then had a 10% mortality rate, they did have a vaccine, it was not mandatory for the average person, it was mandatory for those entering the militia. Exactly. 1:07:45 Yeah, theyre not only you assembled, but anyway, nonetheless, in 1905, they basically said in a national emergency, you have no rights and you have and you have no liberty, because for the good of the community that must be satisfied. This Khazarian Mafia, Rothschild Rockefeller global central bank and criminal empire. This is not what we offer. TPR : The Public's Radio : TPR Shipping Policy And so she has to respond. So if you tell the if you say that the criminals a bad guy and you believe is a bad guy, your criminal will tell you that thats a negative belief. bear with me for a sec. Girls counter said you have to have a mask. I have seven books Im working on a few more right now. I wish everybody would wear one. Just go watch the video. 1:49:37 To address is human society by the way, we got a great guest coming up in the second half that I mentioned that I love and I bring these guys on because these guys are really smart he always made me look good. These businesses and these business owners that are either paid off by the Cabal, or they cant think for themselves, if we have, if their employees had to deal with just 15 to 20%, probably 10, but 15 or 20% of the people that conducted themselves like a free citizen and a free American, this bullshit would end because it would create so much so much disruption in their business, then it would be create such an an unusual or an uncomfortable work and shopping environment for the employees and the shoppers, the bullshit would end it would just end it would end. The task of identifying every bad actor is a mess. So the health policies and economic policies, we find ourselves in uncharted territory. he, well, they dont want the police there because they know theres no law, and they dont want a police report. I pray that we have a peaceful revolution. What all the systems around the world that didnt have freedom? This is how they talk. Over our many years of experience in the plumbing business, we have been providing a variety of services for many people, always meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. 1:49:19 Nobodys going to put a gun to my head and tell me to put a mask on and going to happen. They made sure the Manchu Shang dynasty of China was no more and effectively came to an end after 268 years with the abdication of Emperor puy in favor of the Republic of China, which is now considered the new khazaria. Even after you look at the rest of the world you. These laws are put aside there was a smallpox case of in Massachusetts I cant remember the name of the case off top my head goes like 1905 where counter Massachusetts had made vaccines mandatory and he got always Supreme Court the Supreme Court said that this particular quarter Thurman see all were not Thurman, john Marshall, not the original drummer for john Marshall Thurman, I think or Hammond, something like that. And shes not eligible because shes not a natural born citizen. They tried to force the asbestos lace paper mask on her she refused. He worked at the radio station for 45 years, up until his death. Because you havent woken up yet. 1:47:35 Theme: Newsup by Themeansar. He took over the platforms to hype his fans about the tour in recent days. And he also was on one American news later. So thats two of the strategies that were employing out here. This this this this scumbag milk toast King shit police officer in Galveston, Texas comes in. We cant achieve it. He blames riots on anti vaccine activists and predicts that Twitter and Facebook will cooperate in identifying and deleting a disturbing number of accounts dedicating dedicated to spreading misinformation about the outbreak and to implement internet shut internet shutdowns to quell panic. I dont have a right to be happy. These are people of principle because if they did, they wouldnt put up with this bullshit, plain and simple. And I just, you know, we started to have discussion. You know, look, everybody looks relatively smart. And you know, you have people out there and they exchange the conflict. Patriot streetfighter3 & Revolution Radio host. Scott McKay's latest 1:04:02 Do you know what the color of law is all about? the CDC for prevention, various media powerhouses the Chinese government, a former CIA, National Security Agency director, which to me has to be James Clapper. And youre gonna ask me on some of the stuff I do, and weve kind of gone off the track. Does that mean every school board around the country, every city council, every legislator, every politician, Youre damn right, it does every last one of them. Youre missing the rise of human spiritual consciousness, the ascension opportunities. Somebody somebody just mentioned that to me, theyre going to help with that. civilly and criminally. Join here for free For those who joined up alreadycontact me hereso I can add you to the queue for adding your invite link on Survive the News. Maybe this is a time for us to showcase some cases where we are able to bring forward some bad actors and leave it before the course to decide whether you have actually spread some fake news. Sign Up:, 1:24 So since some of these stores give a curbside, technically, according the ADA, they can discriminate against you for any disability reason, if they are willing to give you an alternative accommodation. Yes, we are going to make these available for purchase. It will not need to the ground and into a vertical situation to those times of the five I was on the ground for five hours before I was able to get up. And also the small businesses, you got these small businesses that have these people that just absolutely refuse to back off, and they never want to they they just they small business owners. And she says, Well, you know, I said, she said, I just want you to know that. And I can clearly see that I wasnt meant to be in that environment, because I would have never lasted and I wouldnt have any influence that would do anything any good. Reminds me of Eddie Murphy stand up. short of a police officer coming in. Yeah, and its funny because Milton Friedman was talking about a lot of this stuff, long before any nail that he had it so right and we just been listening to people like Milton Friedman. So yeah, because you guys dont want to hear a police record of this confrontation. What are what are some of the books. Hes a Federal Reserve combat battles against Federal Reserve as a But anyway, and he says something that I really appreciate. Anyways, theres a transcript here, but I just walked you through how serious these people Learn how serious the scumbag criminals are. And youre considering potential potential health pandemic health issue a pandemic and the plant?

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